sparkle of light
falling onto the planet


a gift of love



open heart
desire for truth


born with a wish



I am grateful you were born.
your spirit reaches across the distance  of time and space

and wraps love around the universe.


that is God in You.


and it lights up my life


unique you
with all your beautiful expressions of self
defined in different ways on different days
but always coming from the beautiful place of being human
and reaching for God
reaching for Love
reaching for all that is pure


sometimes life is not easy
sometimes life is confusing
sometimes we feel lost
or we don’t know where to look
for what we need
for what we want

but those days only call us to step farther
and dig deeper
into our experience
into our being
and we find more

time passes
birthdays come and remind us
of our path
the past
to the future
and all the moments in between
reminding us


we have been here for a reason


we have been here to love others

we have been here to BE LOVED


and you
you are



May you have a Birthday filled with LOVE
and overflowing with God’s grace and peace
Its yours.   Happy Birthday!