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Summer Meditation Series :
Live Your Most Potent Life

This is a 4 week Series

Would you like to tap into your Highest Potential using
Meditation & Visualization

This is your opportunity to set that time aside and SHOW UP for your Life!

This is a magic carpet ride for your Spirit.
Move from relaxed energy states, to highly aware and focused energy,
and back again.

Sit under the Dreaming Tree
& make the journey to visit with your Highest Self.
Discover what your Summer Calling
& imagine all the ways you will
Live Your Most Potent Life
this summer.


Feel free to bring a cushion to sit on.


$40 Pre-registration Required

Please reserve your space in Advance:

or call The Divine Playhouse 615.258.4101

Exchange Agreement Coupons are accepted for this Activity
please email for more details & to discuss possible exchange ideas




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