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Maybe you have heard of Mantras & Affirmations
but don't really know how they can change your life?

Or maybe you have tried to use them in your life before but have lost
your motivation quickly because you
still need to establish the practice in your life.

This small group will meet for 4 Weeks

You will have the opportunity to create Mantras & Affirmations
that are UNIQUE to YOU
and will benefit you in the areas of your life
where you seek the most improvement.

We will also explore tools and habits that
help establish the practice in your life
so you can stay connected to
your visions even after the series is over


$50 Pre-registration Required
Please reserve your space in Advance:

or call The Divine Playhouse 615.258.4101

Exchange Agreement Coupons are accepted for this Activity
please email for more details & to discuss possible exchange ideas




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